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That is a very difficult question to answer, as “normal” varies so much. These are the common questions we get asked:



When can I drive?             I prefer that you don’t drive for one or possibly two weeks. It is not that you cannot control the vehicle, but should you make a sudden stop, the seat belt can cause damage.


When can I go back to work?        Obviously it depends on your occupation. My advice is for desk based jobs, allow at least 7 working days rest. Physical jobs will require much longer (refer to the section on exercise after breast augmentation). Generally, if it hurts, don’t do it! Also remember it is not what you do at work, but also the getting up, getting ready and travelling there which can be just as exhausting.


When can I have sex?      When you feel like it! Obviously if your breasts are tender, your partner needs to be aware and careful.


Do I need to stop drinking alcohol before and after breast implant surgery? No you don’t.


When can I start my vitamins and supplements after surgery? Generally, two weeks, but if in doubt please ask.


When can I buy a bra?     You will notice that your breast shape changes a lot in the first 6 weeks following breast implant surgery. If you have had children, generally your breast shape has settled completely at this time, and buying a bra should be OK. Patients who haven’t had children should wait until 3 months. We recommend that if you decide to wear under wired bras for the first three months, you should apply a few layers of tape to the scars to prevent them from being irritated by the bra. It is worth getting fitted professionally for a bra to ascertain your correct size for a particular brand. Tracey offers this service, and also can arrange for you to purchase Intimo bras if you wish.




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