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The short answer is nothing! Unfortunately the same is not true for your body!

During pregnancy your breasts get bigger as the glandular tissue increases in size. The skin envelope stretches to accommodate the new growth.

 High levels of pregnancy hormones can cause stretch marks, which are really small tears in the elastic layer or dermis. Unfortunately these are permanent, and no amount of magic creams or lasers will get rid of them.

A paper published by Mr Brown in 1999 measure the shape of women’s breasts and examined the issue of breast feeding. He found that it was being pregnant rather than breast feeding which was responsible for alterations in breast shape.

It is impossible to predict how your breast shape will change following child birth and whether or not subsequent pregnancies will further alter the shape.

Your implant is not affected by either pregnancy or breastfeeding and will not alter your ability to breastfeed.

There are very rare studies that have shown that becoming pregnant following implant surgery can cause the following issues:

·       An increased risk in late capsular hardening

·       Fluid collection around the implant (seroma)

·       Infection of the implant following mastitis

However, the commonest issue following completion of a family is an increase in the droop in the breast. Often weight has increased, and what might have been an appropriate implant prior to children, is now too small. In these patients changing the implant, sometimes with an associated breast lift is undertaken.

Once Mr Brown has undertaken your implant surgery, he is happy to see and advise you, even if it is a number of years later.




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