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During your initial surgical treatment, Dr. Brown will see you at one week, two weeks, 6 weeks and 12 weeks following your procedure. We are on call for emergencies, and will happily see you at any other time should you run into problems.

We do not arrange any routine follow up after three months, as our data suggests that very little changes after that time. The vast majority of capsular contractions (hardening on the breast) occur within the first year.

The current recommendation is that there is no need to change your breast implants in a planned manner such as every ten years for example. Modern cohesive gel implants do not cause any harm if the outer elastomer shell breast, as the gel does not migrate and the body does not absorb it.

The manufacturer recommends an MRI scan 10 years after implant surgery to ensure that the implant is intact. Neither ultrasound nor mammograms are able to detect implant rupture with any degree of accuracy, and therefore we recommend that you visit Dr. Brown should you have a concern about the integrity of the implant. Occasionally this ill manifest as a change in breast shape compared with the opposite side, but the vast majority of ruptures have not symptoms.

You might ask, do I need to change a ruptured implant? The answer is probably not, but the current recommendation by the manufacturer is that they are changed, and they provide a free warranty replacement. Dr. Brown is happy not to charge any fees for doing this, but there may be some costs associated with an anaesthetist, assistant and the hospital.

Should you have concerns at any time following your surgery Dr. Brown is happy to undertake a review. We always retain our medical records and do not destroy them after 7 years as is current legal practice.

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